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Andy Blueman - Time to Rest (Original Mix)

I prefer the Kandi remix :)

I love it too :love:

...maybe it's because I can identify with the beautiful lyrics...:|

...and now I need a hug...:hug:
I love the original! Daniel Kandi remix removes all the good parts.
the breakdown&voice is the only good part, the rest is too generic !
i love it...Natalie Portman's voice is haunting :wub:
really? thats her?

yeah...i asked him on his Myspace :) :mml:

Absolutely amazing track Andy...i'm in love with it, i have one request though, who is behind the voice that speaks those haunting words?

Posted by trance4ever a.k.a. t4e on Saturday, May 03, 2008 at 7:23 AM

Natalie Portman

I took the voice from the movie Closer, it's from one of the last scenes in the movie.

Posted by Andy Blueman on Sunday, May 04, 2008 at 7:26 AM
it was only inevitable I would eventually reply with something about this track (coincidentally after T4E when we speak about this track a load on msn over the recent few days)

Even though the vocal samples are short..probably all of 20 seconds...If you have had words like this said to you or words like it I think it just makes you appreciate the tune a little more.

I don't know why but I always analyse it as the good times with a person as the intro then it slows down when the lyrics come and then starts up again afterward probably signifying the good times ahead?

I dunno maybe I am reading too much into it. If I am then all I will say is

Great Tune
Great Words

Adored :)
Time to rest = Time to dance = amazing tune = I love it
Awesome Of Awesome ! :super:

Too many beautiful & energy in this track :choonalert:
I love the original! Daniel Kandi remix removes all the good parts.

yes.. i love the short lyrics... its so powerful...

i love it...Natalie Portman's voice is haunting :wub:

yeah...i asked him on his Myspace :) :mml:

wow.. didn't think it was her, but now that you said its from movie Closer, I think i kinda remember it...

still though.. I love those lyrics, soo powerful.. everytime I listen to it, it feels like she is talking to me... :cry::cry:
The Original Mix is amazing :wub: 9.5/10

The Daniel Kandi Banging Mix is decent for me to be honest: 6/10
I love the original mix! Especially the last couple of minutes, when that "flute" is there!