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Nov 20, 2007
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Hi everyone, thought I'd share this with you, hope some of you like it :)

1. Marcus Schössow - Deconheartstruction (Original Mix) [Tone Diary]
2. Lamb - Gorecki (Mike EFEX Remix) [Not_On_Label]
3. Soliquid - Music Is For Rich People (Mat Zo Remix) [Captured Digital]
4. Dennis Sheperd - A Tribute To Life (Original Mix) [MPFS Records]
5. Orkidea - Metaverse (Gareth Emery Remix) [AVA Recordings]
6. Mike Foyle - Pandora (The Blizzard Remix) [Armind]
7. Leon Bolier and Sied Van Riel - With The Flame In The Pipe (Original Mix) [Liquid Recordings]
8. Ronski Speed - All The Way (Original Mix) [Euphonic]
9. Nic Chagall - What You Need (Marco V Remix) [High Contrast Recordings]
10. Gareth Emery - More Than Anything (Gareth Emery's Five AM Remix) [Five AM Records]
11. David & Carr - Cypress (Original Mix) [MPFS White]
12. DJ Eco - Tonight Is Forever (Martin Roth Edit) [Lunatique]
13. Jon O'Bir - Ways And Means (Original Mix) [Vandit Records]
14. Jamamaster A - One Night In Beijing (Airbase Mix) [2 Play Records]
15. Sebastian Brandt - Never Alone (Onova Remix) [Yakuza]
16. Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - If You Should Go (Aly & Fila Remix) [Armind]

2x Pioneer CDJ 200s
Soundcraft Urei 1603
Technics RP-DH1200

Length (mm:ss) - 99:16
Filesize - 227 MB
Bitrate - 320 kbps cbr
Codec - LAME 3.97
Stereo Mode - Joint Stereo

To ensure highest possible sound quality only the original uncompressed masters were used.

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(jk ^^)
downloading now :)

you leave the puppy alone or i'll make that tattoo on your forehead real :P:P:lol:
heya a`ndY:hug:

Downloaded and listened:music:

in a PM you wrote me, you maybe can learn something from me ?

So here is a bit of positive and negative critique like you said you want to:mask:

Very positive is the clear Transition work in 90 % of the set, the other 10 % doesnt fix causing on the wrong tunes at this moment.
Also positive is the way the set grows until the end..it gets faster what is a very good thing in general.
Also the Tracklist in general is very good , you have a good idea what to play in a set.

So now we came to the other things...

The Tracklist is good but some Tracks are at the wrong place...so you jump between uplifting sounds and a bit darker sounds with every Transission. So if you ask me, start with the slower darker non uplifting Tracks...push there the Tempo and go over to the uplifts. In that way you garantee, that the set isnt same level all the time and create a real upbuilding line with the high Tempo AND high Sound Uplift to the end.

thats all for the moment and hey...its just MY personal opinion....

all in all a good set :grinning:

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