Annoucment of retirement from Afterhours.FM and extended leave.


May 31, 2006
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Note to mods: I do not know exactly what thread to post this in, but I don't want 1000's of emails asking where I am, so I am posting announcments on the biggest forums I contribute to. Move this topic to whatever sub-forum you see fit.

Dear Friends,

This is DJ Sentinel (Ezra,) and due to family circumstances I will not be able to use a computer or internet source for an extended period of time. In addition I will not have a computer for any matter. This is halting my production and I am currentely canceling all collaborations, mastering, or any other collaborative work for that matter. I am deeply sorry this has to happen, as the internet is my really only connection ourside of the town of bleh I live in.

This also means that I will be canceling my bi-weekly show, Trancectomy. It was fun while it lasted.

I hope to see you all later this year. Peace out,
DJ Sentinel
Take care sentinel, come back and visit when you can!
like sonic said, family first, hope it all goes well mate.
sorry to hear this!

we will waiting for your returning here!

same place! :)
You will be sorely missed.

family before everything - look after yourself and your's.

good luck see you anon.
Family> other things.. Good luck dude!