Any issues with US stream?

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Jun 7, 2006
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Ive been having strange problems all morning with Afterhours.. No matter if im using linux and amarok/mxxs or mac and itunes, it dies after about 30 seconds to a couple minutes. I just tuned into the (Hungary) and it seems to be fine. I was listening to another station for about an hour so im pretty sure its not my connection. As of now my connection to the Hungary stream is fine and uninterrupted.

Thanks in advance.
as of about 30 minutes ago, the problem has gone away.
As far as I know, the USA box has been donated and it has problems from time to time.
usa box is out of AH list...

im looking for new USA relays.. anyone know anyone please PM me :)
I have a crappy connection yet AH works just fine from any of the other servers...
most of streams are still down here in Finland since yesterday :cry:
major power outage here, the whole city district was dark for quite some time and the UPSs didn't hold so hold. all back up now though!
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