Anyone know what happened to Young Free?


Jan 18, 2015
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Hey all, my fave podcast is Young Free’s angels, which I first heard here on AH.FM. It seems all has gone quiet around mid November. Now all his sites are down, quite on social, etc.. is he just done?? :(*
I think it was really cool, so I'd also like to know that !!
I think it was really cool, so I'd also like to know that !!

Nowadays YF is still (very) active :cap:

From a PM to me last month :book:
I'm starting a record label to release my own stuff, it costs no more than having someone else release and gives me the flexibility to add further projects with a different sound, and also have complete control.

not quite finished the site ...

This is Ines, one of my singers, what do you think? She sounds like Floor Jansen (from Netherlands :))
Hey guys!

Sorry I only saw this now :blush: I'm taking a break from DJ'ing to concentrate on production :) I have several projects in the works, commercial pop with female vocals, almost ready for release on the new label I started (Block Rockin' Beats). I'll post more details soon. But this is taking all my time (and more!).

btw all the previous shows are still available, happy to share the links, just shoot me a PM :friends: