April-25-2007 B-Day Special [5hours]

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04-25-2007 Jusha's B-Day Special [5hours]

hey everybody ... again news from me

this time i wonna tell yah what will happen on my b-day 25th april 2007
very proud of it .... thanks buddys on ah.fm who give me there air time .... :itsme:


Jusha's B-Day
Cressida [1hour]
Mystery Islands [1hour]
WorlTance [1hour]

and me [2 hours]
{*webside's visiting by click the artistnames*}
show will start at 09pm CET [08pm GMT]:love:
Tracklist & showtopic here
hope to see yah there
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i think this will be really cool _ i´m lookin forward to it :)
cool consept jusha...good thing u got daniel and cressida into your show,,
keep it comin mate ..:party:
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update ... the guests gove me there sets .. totally hot stuff there ... big work from them ... big big thanks on this way to Cressida, Mystery Islands, WorlTrance

show will be upped in time
looking forward to wednesday ...