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Arty - Vanilla Sky [Enhanced Progressive]


Sep 12, 2008
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1. Vanilla Sky
2. Love Inside Out
3. Absynthe

Arty is a name you probably haven't heard of yet, however we strongly believe he will be a name on everybody's lips come the end of 2009.

Producing somewhere between trance and house, with really strong chords and melodies, Arty encompasses the best of both styles superbly.

Vanilla Sky kicks off the ep in superb style with really 80's influenced chords and synths. Love Inside Out is a fantastic melodic number that builds and builds, making it really hard to choose between it and Vanilla Sky or the lead track for this EP; don't be surprised if you support both! Absynthe is a darker, techy affair that rounds off this stunning debut EP in fine style.

Supported by: Andre Visior, Charlie G, Daniel Kandi, Danjo, Deep Voices, Digital Nature, Dimitri Kechagias, DJ Redstar, DJ Shah, Ernesto van der Meij, Estiva, Flash Brothers, Gil La, Graham Gold, Haris C, Jon O’Bir, Kane Nelson, Kenneth Thomas, Kris O'Neil, Kristina Sky, Kyau vs Albert, Maarten Hercules, Manuel le Saux, Mark Pledger, Matt Abbott, Matt Darey, Menno De Jong, Michael Angelo, Michael Badal, MIKE, Mike Shiver, Neal Scarborough, P.H.A.T.T, Paul Pearson, Pedro Del Mar, Probspot, Robert Geitleman, Ruben de Ronde, Sied van Riel, Signum, Suzy Solar, Tania Mann, Tom Colontonio, Tritonal, Xgenic, Will Holland and many more

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Vanilla Sky i love it! :love: Other tracks i didn't like.

yes Vanilla Sky is definitely the best \o/

and Absynthe reminds me of Above and Beyond - Home (Whippenberg Remix) at the beginning :mask: :lolz:
Thanks for the feedback guys. Glad you like Arty's style. :D