Asking help with video of tracks mixing sync with making mixes


May 30, 2010
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I was having an idea...

it has been done before, and I know it might be difficult but hey let's see.

I would like to know details on mixing the track video clips in sync with the set I'm mixing

And any technical details are also very welcome, but I was more looking how to obtain the video clips of trance + classic trance songs in HD (and also want to how far this can be done legally, what trouble, where to buy, what rights, what software, anything really...).

ps: using CDJ2000 Nexus and DJM2000 Nexus

Any help welcome :hug:

ps: and ripping from sites like youtube is not exactly what I expect as answer :lol: I mean really, is there a site officially?
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I think YouTube is full of toturials?
This is an interesting idea. I recently read an article that might be useful to you on how to add audio to a video file. I'm not very good at video editing, but I've used the online video editor a few times, which was pretty easy to use for a beginner. It seems to me that you first need to choose a program, then look for a tutorial and step-by-step instructions with a photo of how to make a video mix with sound.
It would be cool to know more about how to add audio to ready-made video.
You can read in this article a detailed description of this process of adding audio to a video file. I know this is considered a difficult work by many people, but after reading this guide, I had no problem replacing the audio track in a new video that I recently recorded. I wanted to replace the sound on video from live with studio recording file, so that my clip was in better quality and more enjoyable to listen to.