ATA - Blue Skies (Temple One Remix)


Oct 30, 2006
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Yet another new thread by me :mask:

When I heard this tune the first time @ Aly & Fila's show, I was immediately sold. A great new remix by Temple One, the breakdown is beautiful :bow: :mml:

My rating: 9/10

2008 was a great year for (uplifting) trance! :super:

btw... you listen to it here
This remix is amazing <3 so melodic, awesome tune

And yes, I agree with you :p this year was really good for uplifting trance, many great tracks were released during these months ;) hope next year will be the same \o/
This remix is amazing! Heard it months ago on Infrasonic radio show!

Piano melody wow!
it is a wonderful track :D

ATA it's romaniain :D

for the win
Very very nice track, beautiful pads. Much better than the Aurora EP by Joe, mostly in terms of the mastering.

For me the aurora ep mastering is much better. blue skies remix bass sounds over compressed.
Sebastian Brandt Played :music:

GooD Uplifting :super:
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