Atmospheric Native Trance Episode 004 (Experimental)

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Anton Auroform

Nov 14, 2010
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DJ: Anton Auroform
Genre of mix: Progressive Trance/ Progressive Psytrance / Vocal Trance


1. Filo and Peri feat Audrey Gallagher — This night (Max graham remix)
2. Ellez Marinni — Line Of Life In Your Heart (Original MIx)
3. Neelix — Adaption (Captain Hook remix)
4. Arty — Zara (Original Mix)
5. tyDi Feat Tania Zygar — Half Light (Max Graham Remix)
6. Aurosonic and FKN feat Trine — You and me (Club mix)
7. Liquid soul — Hypnotic Energy
8. Sean Tyas — Banshee (Abstract Vision and Elite Electronic remix)
9. Normalize — Run (Day.din remix)
10. Armin van Buuren feat Christian Burns — This Light between us (Armin van Buurens great strings mix)
11. Fafaq — Carimucho (Original mix)
12. Reminder feat Cathy Burton — Love to Hold (Original mix)


This time tried to make some experiment of mixing Progressive Trance and Progressive Psytrance. It become a pretty good combination. You can listen to it and make your own opinion of the experiment. :choon::music:

Don't forget to vote for mix and sure, leave your comments, it such a "helping hand" for me in my work ;)

Link letsmix: Anton Auroform - Atmospheric Native Trance Episode 004 by Anton Auroform - Let's mix