Aurosonic - Always Together (2008, album)


Jun 22, 2008
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It's amazing! :music: this album really cosmic, i want to close my eyes and fly away!
What is your feelings?

yuuuup! awsome album! i have been at the presentaton of it @ norma club... it was amzing! i wish i could be there once more=)
It's wonderful. :wub: The intro of their album gives me goosebumps. :angel:

My favorites:

  • Aurosonic - Always Together (feat. Alveola & Morphing Shadows)
  • Aurosonic - Starfall
  • Dmitriy Filatov - Eshyo Odin Den (Aurosonic Remix)
  • Aurosonic - Last Hope --> best tune of the album, imho

I really don't understand why this album hasn't been discussed more here @ :unsure: It's really, really great. My score: 9/10 :super:
I'm really happy to be a part of this album. It's gorgeous. 'Ocean Wave' is set to be released as a single on Shah Music, with a lovely new remix from Heartstrings.
Hey guys, does anyone know what other trance artists sound similar to Aurosonic?

Quite a good album. Too bad that some of the vocals are Russian, cant make much of that. Still worth checking out though. Really like Starfall and My Way and Last Hope is also great :grinning:
Great album!
And i like Russian language! :cap: