Avernus - Sirya (incl. Mike Foyle Remix) [Blue Soho] out on Beatport now!


Nov 7, 2010
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Sirya (incl. Mike Foyle Remix)
Blue Soho Recordings (BLS036)


Let us put something noticeable to table this time!

Turkish epic trance producer Avernus is no stranger to Blue Soho, having released the massive 'Empathy' last year with us, and now returns with another killer uplifting track!

'Sirya' is a wonderful track filled with mysterious vibes and different synthesis sounds. This is one track that does exactly what it says on the tin; leaves the listener in a trance with a wide sonic palette and great melodies.

Mike Foyle makes his first appearance on the Blue Soho imprint with some heavyweight progressive sounds to accompany the original vibe. Capitalizing on the mystery of the original, Mike kicks up the atmosphere with a range of brooding and bassy sounds, fit for both the trance-head and the club patron!

Supports from:
Armin van Buuren (ASOT 506 / 507), Angel Ace, Anna-Lee, Ashley Wallbridge, Crystal Clouds, Dimension, John O'Bir, Jorn van Deynhoven, Manuel Le Saux, MIKE, Nery, OzzyXPM, W&W, Adam Meza, Ayas, BlueHawk, Brian Rogers, Bryan Summerville (D.Max Recordings), Callie Mitchell, Cesar, Cliffy Burrows, Coreye, D-Mark (DanceDP Radio), Danny Powers , Dave Cold , DJ Ange, Dj Javs, Dj Magik, DJjOrD, El-Jay, Estigma, Faruk Sabanci, Gary Maguire, Gerard Serrat Aiza, Hillander, Ilgaz, Karybde & Scylla, Kiholm, Kostadin Katsarov, Marc Simz, Mark Arbor, Matamar DJS, Matt Trigle, Nurettin Colak, Onka Onur Ozkul, Paul Trainer, Pizz@Dox, Robbie Schwan, Robert Gitelman, Silver J & Catania, Smokers Area & Guerrero, Space Garden, Spiro Caro, Suzy Solar, Tempo Giusto, Thomas R Stordalen (Above Recordings), Type 41, Yxam