Be a Vanguard Reviewer for CTG. SAVE the CTG MUSIC community!


May 31, 2006
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CTGMusic is an online promotion community that allows artists to share thoughs and reviews, but recently it has turned sour! The reviews are no longer accurate "Cascada Remixes are parading the top 10!" and the site is heading down in the drain.

I am asking my fellow members here to join the VANGUARD REVIEWERS. This will be a group of 50 people who will storm CTGMusic every day and atleast complete 2 in-depth, critical reviews, and help save the community!

If you have spare time, please help us. We need 50 members to this to be effective and resurrect CTG Music!

To join Vanguard Reviewers, you need to be able to write in-depth reviews on music at CTG. You only need to write 2 or so reviews a day there, which is only 20 minutes out of your huge life. By doing this, you will contribute to the possible 100's of great reviews to hit CTG Music every day from Vanguard Reviewers!

To sign up and save this hopeful community with over 500,000 hits a day, email me at and request to be a Vanguard Reviewer for CTG. You will feel better having saved a community so many artists depend on.

Mass email and website will be setup if we get enough members by mid august.

Thank you.
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Sounds like a good cause, but I don't think I'd be able to pull 2 reviews a day.