Talks Dance Music Culture

LOL, hilarious article. The author sounds like a complete douche tbh.

Anyone with a music MySpace page, a computer and a music program, can basically become an instant producer; they can also buy a flat screen and have an instant “studio”, woohoo.
Make sure to change AIM status to “in studio”, just to let everyone know you are hammering away in your bedroom, aka “The Studio”.
If there is one thing I am not, it’s a hater, so I hope that’s not what I come off as with anything I comment on or anyone I point out.

Hmm, sure sounds like someone is a hater. Honestly, he comes off as a bitter elitist, and gives a poor impression of his genre (dance/house) which i happen to like.

He gives a rather bleak assessment of "dance music culture", but honeslty if that's their "music culture" i'm glad Trance is my #1.