Beatsole - Do Not Give Up! [Magic Trance]


Sep 29, 2013
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Magic Trance presents new tune from Beatsole whose name sounded in many tracklist best DJs in the world.

This extraordinarily beautiful uplifting mix that has a dense banging drums, powerful bass line and stunning melodic instrumental. Entry has a standard set of drums, acid and bass , all this gradually joins light melodies, piano and guitar. Smooth transition at the breakdown with air pads, heartbreaking orchestral strings and light melody piano. Everything is so beautiful and harmonious sounds. The main point is energy melodies, dynamics, emotional feeling that you should never give up!

In this release, we also have intro mix that will impress you with no less than the original.

This is Magic Trance!

Radio & DJ support by Simon Bostock, DJ Madwave, Rene Ablaze, Joe Cormack, Crystal Clouds, M.I.K.E., Manuel Le Saux, Ian Standerwick, Ex-Driver, Paul Pearson, Ozzy Xpm, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Abstract Vision, Cold Rush, Suzy Solar, Andre Visior, Mike Saint-Jules, Katy Rutkovski, Chapter XJ and many more.

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