[Blue Soho] Outwalkers - Eternal Flame is OUT !


Feb 1, 2010
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Release Details:
Eternal Flame (incl. Icone, Six Senses mixes)

After a short break, Blue Soho returns to the trance scene in top form with another trance piece destined to send shivers down your spine. Featured on Future Sound of Egypt, and now safely in our hands, this is one track you will have on repeat for quite some time!

Russian hype-duo Outwalkers appear on Blue Soho with Eternal Flame, a solid track with touches of both progressive grooves and uplifting sounds. With an enchanting sound and haunting chord progressions, and a great sound selection to compliment, this is one track that will definitely draw your attention!

Dutch trance guru Six Senses takes on the original with a more progressive attack, adding super tight grooves to the package. A stronger bass and kick form the foundation for the original melodies and chords, coupled with the signature Six Senses sound. This is the dancefloor friendly version, and it doesn't disappoint on any fronts!

Veteran producer Icone makes a welcome return to Blue Soho with a wonderful take on the original, with a more revised melody and a lovely trance sound. There are definite influences of 7 Skies and Static Blue in this track, which makes for a wonderful blend of sound selection and solid production.

Supported By : Aly & Fila, MIKE, Airbase, Angel Ace, Anna-Lee, Arctic Moon, Ashley Wallbridge, BlueHawk, Cesar, D-Mark, Dave, Dimension, Distant Identity, Ernesto & Bastian, Estigma, Hillander, Ilgaz , Joe Shadows, Lazarus, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Arbor, Matamar DJs, Matt Trigle, Phil Metcalfe, Phynn, Pizz@Dox, Robert Gitelman, Simon Bostock, Six Senses, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, Timo Prelle, Ozzyxpm.