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[Blue Soho] Verum - Ready To Be Free (incl. Dimension Tech/Banging Mixes)


Feb 1, 2010
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Released As Beatport Exclusive (2 Weeks) : https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/270475/Ready To Be Free

Trance is full of emotion. Be it drawing on a memory, a simple melody or chord sequence, or even a reminder of times
gone, we are drawn to feeling something from the music we love. We at Blue Soho strive to find only the more
emotional pieces, and it is more than our joy to present one incredible piece to you today!

Verum from Russia is joining our label camp with and old-feeling uplifting trance track. Track has floating bassline and really exciting, dark piano melody.

In second mix, he did piano longer then first one but there is no more difference !

The remix comes from none other than Dimension, offering two very different mixes for the package. The Dimension
Bangin Remix capitalizes on the original with a more progressive angle and powerful rhythms. A blend
of floor-shaking beats and ripping basslines carry the track forward before a almost surreal calm break is shattered
by the powerful climax melody. The incredible bassline and lead sequence are what make this track very memorable
and recognisable.

The Dimension Tech Remix follows up on the Bangin Remix with a progression just as the title suggests. Throwing away
the uplifting parts of the previous mixes to concentrate on the percussion and bass, this mix will more than appeal
to the dance and club scene with a much more driving sound. Although it shares a few similarities with the previous
mix, it is still easy to identify with its unique tech-y touch.

Supports : SoundLift, JOOP, Solarstone , Dash Berlin, Arctic Moon, BlueHawk, Claduia Cazazu, Club Nation, Crystal Clouds, , Dimension, Ernesto & Bastian, Estigma, G.Ottavianni, Ilgaz , Joe Shadows, Lazarus, Maarten De-Jong, Manuel Le Saux, Matamar DJS, Matt Trigle, MIKE, Nivaya, Ozzyxpm , Paul Trainer, Peter Patterson, Pizz@Dox, Ronald De Foe, Simon Bostock, Six Senses, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, Tempo Giusto....