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Brazil In The Mix 2017 on AH.FM 28-08-2017

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Jul 27, 2007
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CET 10:00 GMT-3 05:00 Hugo Cass DJ & Renato Parente

CET 12:00 GMT-3 07:00 Edu Bueno & Kenny Evans Pres. Sunset Tales

CET 14:00 GMT-3 09:00 Morttagua

CET 15:00 GMT-3 10:00 Wrechiski

CET 16:00 GMT-3 11:00 Marcele Kowalski

CET 17:00 GMT-3 12:00 Guto Putti (Aevus)

CET 18:00 GMT-3 13:00 DJ Jack

CET 19:00 GMT-3 14:00 Danilo Ercole (From Prog to Tech)

CET 23:00 GMT-3 18:00 Sunset

CET 00:00 GMT-3 19:00 Marcell Stone

CET 02:00 GMT-3 21:00 Flavio Grifo

CET 04:00 GMT-3 23:00 Roger Lyra

CET 05:00 GMT-3 00:00 Edu Bueno pres. Blisstripper

CET 07:00 GMT-3 02:00 Jackson Sttauder

CET 08:00 GMT-3 03:00 Lucc4
01. Gaia - Saint Vitus
02. Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves (Second Sine Remix)
03. Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (UCast Remix)
04. Darue - Sandstorm (Talla 2XLC Uplifting Remix)
05. Alex M.O.R.P.H - It's Full of Stars
06. Allen Watts - Square One
07. DT8 Project feat. Roxanne Wilde - Destination (James Dymond Remix
08. Bryan Kearney - Mexican Rave (Shrugz Remix)
09. Bryan Kearney - Stealth Bomber (Chris Schweizer Remix) (Must play in all my sets!)
10. Lostly - Coffin Corner

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Hello there. :) Tuning in. :)

:: Andain - Beautiful Things (Dapa Deep Remix) | Black Hole Recordings ::

Got up early, found something's missing
my only name.
No one else sees but I got stuck,
and soon forever came.
Stopped pushing on for just a second,
then nothing's changed.
Who am I this time, where's my name
I guess it crept away.

No one's calling for me at the door.
And unpredictable won't bother anymore.
And silently gets harder to ignore.
Look straight ahead, there's nothing left to see.
What's done is done, this life has got it's hold on me.
Just let it go, what now can never be.

I forgot that I might see,
So many beautful things.
I forgot that I might need,
to find out what life could bring.

Take this happy ending away, it's all the same.
God won't waste this simplicity on possibility.
Get me up, wake me up, dreams are filling
this trace of blame.
Frozen still I thought I could stop,
now who's gonna wait.

No one's calling for me at the door.
and unpredictable won't bother anymore.
and silently gets harder to ignore.
look straight ahead, there's nothing left to see.
what's done is done, this life has got it's hold on me.
just let it go, what now can never be.

so many beautiful things...
so many beautiful things...

Now what do I do
can I change my mind
did I think things through

It was once my life
it was my life at one time