[BRD035] Up Cent feat. Jane Maximova is Out Now!


Jul 7, 2010
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    Bomba Records
    Up Cent feat. Jane Maximova - She Will Always Be There is out now!
    • Original/Radio mix
    • Fon.Leman remix
    • Shock remix
    • Misha ZAM remix

    is now available beatport exclusive
    Genre: Progressive House, Progressive Trance

    Preview here - http://soundcloud.com/bombarecords/up-cent-feat-jane-maximova-she-will-always-be-there-original-mix-cut

    [YOUTUBE]YouTube - Up Cent feat. Jane Maximova - She Will Always Be There (Original Mix)[/YOUTUBE]

    Bomba’s beloved Sergey Up Cent marks his return on the label with “She Will Always Be There”— the wonderful progressive vocal track which features the vocals of Jane Maximova! Also, fellow progressive house producers DJ Pasha Shock, Fon Leman, and Misha ZAM leave their mark on the release with their respective remixes of “She Will Always Be There”.
    Opening the package with easy-going grooves, nostalgic piano melodies, and mellow vocals, the original mix is indeed the first of many magnificent vocal tracks from Russian producer, Sergey Up Cent! Not only that. “She Will Always Be There” is also considered as the forerunner of vocal progressive house tracks on Bomba Records.
    DJ Pasha Shock kicks-off with a smashing rendition of “She Will Always Be There” as one of the highly-anticipated remixes of this release. Aside from that, Fon Leman hands-over a club-oriented version of the track, while Misha ZAM—on the flipside— with a more captivating reinterpretation of the release!
    She Will Always Be There”, with its brilliant remixes, is another proud release of Bomba Records. Show some love, and support these tunes today! © by Miguel Libre

    Sunn Jellie (Armada, Silk, Nellie, Perceptive, RRBR)
    Cant pass it by! Original is the winner here for me!

    Andy Moor (AVA Recordings)
    original is nice

    Darin Epsilon (Perfecto, Frisky Radio, Baroque, Perspectives)
    Remix from Fon.Leman sounding nice, would have to say I prefer this over the original.

    NSL | No Sonic Limits (Jetlag/Indigo/Deepsessions)
    The Original Mix is a beauty! Epic voice and vocals. The track is right up there in the top of vocal-progressive. Very interesting take in th Fon.Leman Club Remix. Could easily play both versions in the same set.

    Neil Moore (BFBS / HeavensGate)
    original for me.

    d-phrag (friskyradio.com)
    would be nice to finish a banging house set with one of these trancey picks :)

    Jerry Chiu (Pure FM)
    Original Mix is nice

    Paul Vinitsky
    Original is really good!

    Matt Cerf (Armada)
    Sweet melody...original.

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