Brian Eno vs. John Creamer & Stephane K - I Wish You Were An Ending Ascent (Magdelayna Mashup)


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Apr 3, 2007
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Hi Guys...i did this mashup/bootleg a few years ago but after a load of requests for me to remake it i finally got round to doing it,and heres the full 256 Kbps version for you the download..I featured it as the opener to my radio show a couple of months back..

Its a mashup of Leama & Moor's remix of 'An Ending Ascent' with the accapella of 'John Creamer & Stephane K - I Wish You Were Here' - i think the additional vocals give it even more emotion,and i was surprised how well the vocals went with it so i continued with it - i chopped the accapella parts up a bit and place them in different parts.

Hope you enjoy it and any comments are appreciated :)

LINK >> I Wish You Were An Ending Ascent (Magdelayna Mashup).mp3

Adam :)
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I'll give a try

edit : good track, I'll support it
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Nice one, will check this out. Always liked An Ending Ascent
Superb mashup here :) really enjoyed it and like you said those vocals go so well.
Very nice and subtle addition to a gr8 track. Gratz on the effort :grinning: