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Brian G - A Day In the Life Of... (AH Residency Submission)


Jan 31, 2007
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I have to say, this is probably not my best work, but I've been thinking of submitting for some time, and so I guess now is as good a time as any.

1. Dj Name - Brian G
2. How long you been a Dj - 5 years
3. What type of style of music - Tech-trance/Trance
4. My latest set, exclusive to AH.FM

Brian G - A Day In the Life Of...
Time - 1:09:10


1. Perfect Stranger - Desert Session
2. Rafael Frost - Worlds
3. Plastic Angel - Call the Galaxy Taxi (original mix)
4. Guyver - Heaven & Hell
5. Joey V - Chopperchunk (Mark Sherry's 2007 Outburst mix)
6. Pax Royale - There's Always Music (Signalrunners remix)
7. Protogen - Active Scan
8. Ricky T - Cape York (Mix 1)
9. Jochen Miller - Twisted Mind (extended mix)
10. Nish - Blue Sunshine (Remo-con remix)
11. Dj T-Motion - Lovable (ColdB remix)
12. Albert Vorne - Ares (Mac Zimms remix)

Download Here

Also, I broke my mic :lolz: so I have to buy a new one, but I can do the voiceover if need be.


Brian G
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