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Bring Bliss - Blissed [Fuzzy Recordings]

Fuzzy Recordings

Jul 10, 2012
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Bring Bliss - Blissed [FZR033]

Release Date:
Beatport: March 3rd, 2014
iTunes: April 3rd, 2014

1 Bring Bliss - Blissed (Original Mix)
2 Bring Bliss - Blissed (Vintage Colors Remix)
3 Bring Bliss - Blissed (DJ Massymo Tn Remix)



Bring Bliss kicks off another EP containing 2 remixes and one original. Melodic chords and harmonies start his original track "Blissed". Close your eyes, you are flying, fast, slow, any way you want it. Just let the track take you on a journey and don't let anything stop you. A breakdown chills you down a bit, maybe you stop flapping your wings to fall for a bit into nothing and just let it flow. You keep falling until you are just above the ground, where the kick and bass line lifts you up once again.

DJ Massymo TN

An easy going intro kicks off, keeping the vibe of the original track, a bit more rhythmic and deep, maybe you are under the water surface this time? A bit more slow and a bit more easy going. Suddenly a buildup kicks in and chord harmonies kicks in, a magical sub-marine safari through the sub surface world.

Vintage Colors

Vintage Colors never fails to amaze with his blissful melodies and progressions. He grabs you the very instant you start listening to the track and he keeps a firm grip of your eardrums throughout the track, elements of the original track fades in and you can hear that he implanted his own style into the original mix. How do you want it? Chill? Interesting? Progressing?

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