Buccaneer Bunch - Sunset Essential 005 XL

Buccaneer Bunch

Oct 4, 2006
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Summer Essential is an alternative name for my monthly promo but during the
summer season i like 2 call it Sunset Essential. Now this is a special aswel,
it is 2H set. Why had lots of new tracks that i wanted 2 test and promote aswel.

Well, normaly i only send it to some radiostations, some dj friends in hope for
a guestmix spot and Thusti. But because Thusti liked this set so damm much
i decided 2 share it with you (if I don't get problems with some DJs)

01 The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides in The Deep (Original Mix) [Electronic Elements]
02 Peter Corvaia - Out of Reach [HeadRush Music]
03 Norman Doray - Jetlag (Dave Lambert vs Elektrokid Remix) [Serial Records]
04 Pole Folder - Bokoto 10PM (Pole Folder & CP Mix) [Hope Recordings]
05 Matthew Dekay - Timeless (Digifruitella Dub) [Electronic Elements]
06 Solarscape - Zen (Sunrise Mix) [Solarscape]
07 Envotion - Down There (Fountain Mix) [Deep Records]
08 Retrobyte - Deconstruction (Original Mix) [Dump Recordings]
09 Retrobyte - Construction (Micah Remix) [Dump Recordings]
10 N2O - Territory (Sonic Division Mix) [Profuse]
11 Sound Fiction Feat Kate Cameron - Alive (Vadim Soloviev Dub) [Captured Music]
12 M.I.D.O.R. & Ronaan - Return to Eden (Lead Vocal Mix) [Kyr]
13 Krivi - Sunrise In Boka (John Wright Remix) [Total Digital]
14 Menno De Jong Presents Myth - Sparkles [Fundamental Recordings]
15 R.E.N.O.I.S.E. vs Shifted Reality - In Flames (Shifted Reality Mix) [Abstraction Records]
16 Menno De Jong Presents Myth - Sjamaan [Fundamental Recordings]
17 Forerunners - Lifecycle (Original Mix) [Deepblue]
18 Everwake - Twilight Rising (Preijers Hercules Remix) [Alter Ego Digital]


Downloading is at your own risk, if you did it please delete it after you
listened 2 it. Normaly you can have it for 24h i tought :)

Now this set is more public i hope 2 get some more reactions. So feel
free 2 react.
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Great set! I enjoyed listening to it!
Nice track selection and nice smooth transitions :)
will give this one a listen tonight