Canadian Passports


Nov 27, 2006
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So recievign a call at 8:30 am this morning.
My friend tells me that the line up is massive.

I say, "Is the line up worse than the ps3 launch?"

he says.. "it's worse"

and today is the last day to get my passport before the end of Jan.

Hopefully. If i go tomorrow morning @ 3 am, I will get it before february! :(

I'm so stressing over this.
ouch that must sux :( I always went in at 7am before old people show up and hyg the lines :)

sorry to hear that dave
just pay the little extra to have it sent to u in 3 days
thats actualyl what I'm planning on doing. The government is all about money. lol. if you pay extra you get what you need.

haha exactly.. sad that thats how it is, but its the same in almost every aspect in life
wow.. such a hassle lol, nice work tho, i still need to get mine