carry me..


May 3, 2007
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hello guys and gals, ive been looking for a track recently because i cant get it out of my head. its just such a catchy tune :) i suppose the tracks is a few weeks/months old, but i may be wrong. it was the background track of a video i watched the other day, so i was able to write down the lyrics, or at least did my best doing so :) unfortunately i cant get in touch with the movie's creator so i need your help.. maybe you can help me out :)

the lyrics should are something like:

as i wait patiently
only time is gonna tell
holding back
its a place i know so well
so come with me
find your way
find yourself here

its time to see
so dive on with me into the ocean deep

carry me
carry me
carry me
carry me away
carry me away..
carry me

thank you in advance :)

Talla 2XLC - Carry Me :wub:
hm, thanks for the help, but are you sure thats the one?
ive got a few mixes of that track on my hdd but obviously the wrong ones..


thanks, seems like it's the airbase vocal mix :)
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