Cell phone Ringtones...


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May 1, 2006
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Hello all, I just bought a new phone and it plays mp3's... was wondering if anyone has any good vocal ( Trance ) mp3 ringtones? if so please share :)

thank you
Hey Dan.. What kinda phone did you get? Ive got a treo 750, it plays MP3's also.. What I do is use Audacity to cut say 10-15 seconds from a mp3 i have on my pc.. then use bluetooth and transfer it to the phone.. works pretty good..
i have a sony erikson k790a

ill try your idea :) first i need to unlock this phone from rogers :(
stick a 1gb m2 memory stick in there and have full length tracks on it

thats what i do on my k800i which looks essentially the same as your k790a