Challenging to get AH.FM on iOS device - App (Web now working)


May 28, 2014
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So I thought I posted this previously, but either i stuffed it up or it was deleted :(

I'm suffering from AH withdrawals on my iPhone, as the App is no longer available in the app store for me (lost it after I had to do a backup and restore of my phone), and now the web site won't play in Safari / Chrome on my iPhone either.

App Woes:

If I click the "Apps" link from the site(Main > Mobile Apps > App Store > Free or Premium) I get a message saying this item is not available in the AU store, but I can switch to the US store, however even after doing this, there are no results, and re-clicking the link tells me "The item you have requested is not currently available in the US Store".

Web alternative: *** Update - this seems to work now***

I just tried this for the purposed of taking screenshots, and I now get a black screen, and a "live broadcast" interface, but it works and I can adjust the volume ok.

Previously, I used , and i get a play button, but after tapping it, it changes to a pause button for about 30 sec, then default back to the play button, with no music.
were working on upgrading the app ios to 11...
were working on upgrading the app ios to 11...

Best guy ever!!

My web interface has gone back to looking the same on iOS as it does on a PC, but not working :(
Hello Dan,

The app is not in the Apple app store. I do believe its been over 3 weeks, and while I do not dig every dj I am VERRA SAD!

Please help.
Peace SunShine Smiles
I also attempted to post this but my post never went up for some reason. The updated app was made available on 11/9/17. Thank you Dan for updating the Afterhours app. I specifically did not update my phone to iOS 11 so I could continue using the old AH iOS app. Everyone should support Afterhours and post a good review on their respective app store :).