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Chasing Dreams - Memory [Silent Shore Records]

Uplifting Mist

May 9, 2011
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Introducing to you: Chasing Dreams, a brand new face to the trance scene with such a great sense for uplifting melodies. His first release with us wears name Memory and it is a pure uplifting hand raiser and perfect single to heal any broken heart!

DJ/Radio Support: Sean Tyas (Tytanium Sessions 092), Manuel Le Saux (Extrema 220), Pedro Del Mar (Mellomania Deluxe 484), Veselin tasev (DTW 178), Reconceal (Awesome! Running Man Remix is great!), Jordan Waeles (Oliver V. Remix: Now that's one ******* huge bassline :)), John Askew, Matt Cerf, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Dave Deen, ReOrder, Odonbat, and more...

Original gives a really nice club rhythm since the first beats. Build up is nicely growing up revealing fabulous piano keys as Chasing Dreams is preparing you for the full power of this energetic bomb. Breakdown comes in and you feelings go chaos. Suddenly everything is easy and you just let yourself fly with it.

Remixes are brought to you by one and only Running Man who comes on the scene with his Dream Mix and Oliver V. with his progressive take.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

BUY NOW ON: www.beatport.com
Worldwide Release Date: 30/05/2011

Thank you all for your support


youtube links:

Original Mix


Oliver V. Remix:


Running Man Dream Mix:

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I like this release very much! Especially Running Man Remix
Running Man Dream Mix:choon::love: