Christmas winter Feel


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May 1, 2006
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Aas you see on banner.. mm feels like winter :)
wanted a wintery feel @ AH :)

clear your caches to get new flash file :)
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Ya winter's coming .. its snowing here in Quebec .. Christmas, NYE , and another massive Trancey year to come @ AH.FM :)
you all need to clear you caches to get the new flash file :P
Haha, I dont think anyone can see it... >_>
Most important news: Winterfeel @AH now! :)
that´s sooooo sweet with the snowflakes :mml:
yay nice feeling !! now just End of Year Countdown !! :P
looks nice :)

keep the snow here and not in my traveling routes, that works for me lol
we been getting cold fronts here in florida. :mask: :yucky:

i know i felt them the last couple of days i was in georgia, i think you'll be safe from snow though.

one note about the snow falling on the panel, its slowing my smilies down when the panel is visible (but fine when i scroll down as i now realise), this potentially might just be i have an ancient computer built during the stone age.....but just mentioning it as it could be problematic for other forum users once lots have been posted in one page
hahaa your right slows down the smilies :P
feels like he is sick
What if you live in the Sahara, like I do? :lol:
What if you live in the Sahara, like I do? :lol:

pretend someone picked up a hand full of sand and threw it i guess :P

santa must get hot n sweaty in you're neck of the woods, i reckon he leaves you til last on his rounds :lol:
Never had a white Christmas, it's always a hot one down under.

Nice feel to the interface though, nice work. :smile2: