"Come back" followed by awesome bass melody.


May 27, 2008
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Well, the title describes it, really :)
A guy whispers "Come back" which is followed by a really "raspy" bass melody ( for lack of better words). Anyhow I love that tune!

I believe it is one of the following songs:
01. Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix) Get Physical
02. Henrik B - Airwalk (Original Mix) Pryda Friends
03. Chris Lake - Release (Original Mix) Rising Music
04. Qualia Six - Nissix (Original Mix) Amniotik
05. Francis Davila & Santiago Nino - Steppin Out (Original Mix) Itzamna
06. Decent - Caged (Original Mix)
07. Perry O'Neil - South-West Saga (Original Mix)
08. Jaytech Floor - Sequence (Original Mix) CDR
09. Perry O'Neil - Industribe (Original Mix) 68
10. Iio - Is It Love (Starkillers Remix) Made
11. Oliver Moldan & Jerome Isma-Ae - Five Five Zero (Original Mix) CDR
12. Jerome Sydenham & Mikael Nordgren - Stockholm Go Bang (zgr Can Edit) CDR
13. Raz & Lolita's - Beauty Hides In The Deep (Original Mix)

Can someone help me identify which one?
what set did you hear it in?

might be worth downloading the set in the torrents section then going through the track list with the set.