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Aug 15, 2007
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Liebekx - Connected Trance Mix

Hi guys this is a mix I did a while ago for Afterhours but never got round to posting it (So i'll do another more up-to-date one soon). Thought I'd share it with everyone anyway - dont be put off by the tracklist full of well-known tunes, i've tried to make the mixing as interesting and energetic as possible, especially with my own FX module :)

Liebekx - Connected Three Mix
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1.) Cosmic Gate - Analog Feel (Liebekx Sugar Mix)
2.) Signum - Harmonic (Original Mix)
3.) Signum - Come Around Again (Original Mix)
4.) Nic Chagall - What You Need (Hard Dub)
5.) Hydroid vs Burns - Magnolia (Dub Mix)
6.) 4 Strings - Into The Night (Mac Zimms Mix)
7.) Public Domain - I Feel Love (Bart Claassen Mix)
8.) Cosmic Gate - Consciousness (Original Mix)
9.) DJ Shog - Running Water (Instrumental Mix)
10.) Markus Schulz - Without You Near (Alex Morph Dub)
11.) Stoneface & Terminal - Supernature (Original Mix)
12.) Mike Shiver - Morning Drive (Original Mix)

Feedback welcome! Enjoy!
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p.s. if anyone is getting started making trance (like the style on this mix) and wants someone to collaborate then feel free to email me on
It'd be cool to work on a remix or two with someone :)
Thanks for that. Some deep tunes nicely mixed this some serious listening. Will be grabbing more of your work.
Not bad. Some tunes especially the one of nic chagall is played within too much speed if you ask me. :)
I think the mix is amazing. The structure is calming and makes a point of accenting the pieces used. It feels more like a collage than a collection of songs. On a small side note I Just got on this website, and I'm glad to see a community evaluating and perfecting its own work. I'm glad to be here.