Coolest alarm clock ever!

thats pretty impressive, but i'll just stick to my mobile phone's alarm clock, easier to set up lol
It's also a sleep aid! After going to all that work to put it together, you'd be dead tired. :lol:
wow, that is complex!!
I bet it works, but if some mechanism fails and burns your house up, you'll be in trouble.
I thougth everyone had one of those at home lol
Pretty crazy! I bet it took a lot of time and takes to shoot that. The one thing is that lit candle isnt really safe... or was there one? hmm....
All he needs is a girlfriend :lol:

that and somewhere else to live while putting that together! honda did how many takes for there ad like that??? 600 or so if i recall, so how many practices did he do i wonder??? :lol:
How many years did it take to make that?
Damn, he must be pretty bored :b
Oh my shitty gawd!
I'd kick the thing right outta my window within 10 seconds!:wow:


Two alarm clocks for me. Radio alarm at the side of my bed. Mobile on the floor by the end of my bed so I have to get up to shut the thing up! :grinning:

It's the only thing that really works for me. Being woken up isn't a favourite thing of mine :(
Alarm Clock

I share a room with two other guys and we are all on different work timings. My present alarm clock wakes everybody up. Do you know of any other alarm clock that will not disturb anyone else?
Alarm Clock

Hi CoxHoward,

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