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CP 012: Spark7 - Distanceless [Capite Music]

Capite Music

Jun 13, 2010
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Release Date: 29th September 2010
Exclusive audiojelly: 15th September 2010


1. Spark 7 - Distanceless (Original Mix)
2. Spark 7 - Distanceless (Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado Remix)
3. Spark 7 - Distanceless (Jerom's Visions Remix)


After holiday break, it's time for another bomb release coming directly from Capite Music! This time Spark7 new single on the up with great remix of Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado and Jerom in the pack.

This holiday-end present starts up with the Original Mix. Honestly said, Spark7 has accustomed us to his proglifting style, and this release is a great continuation of it! The whole buildup consists on proggy beats with nice, bouncy bassline! This good compilation is perfectly filled with an holiday guitar lead in the breakdown what makes you feel the holiday touch all over your body! This young guy is sill on fire, so you must keep your eyes wide open for that guy

Spark 7 - Distanceless (Original Mix)

This dreamy story ends up with the Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado Remix. If it comes to describe it in one to three words it should be like that: Catchy, Bouncy and all-in-one! :) Trust this description or not. Tech, Progressive and Lifting stabs in one track. Bassline says: I'm one you can't fight with! Massive one is stating great collaboration between it and the main uplifting lead! That will make your hands up waving high! Good mainpart will keep you dancing for sure. As a summary, it is a good track for those who like progression on the dancefloor, but in order not to crash their minds totally!!!

Spark 7 - Distanceless (Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado Remix)

Last mix comes from Jerom. To your unexpectancy, this mix follows up a line that had been invented by Aly & Fila. Banging basslines with massive kickdrum is giving big amounts of power to that track. Breakdown creates a feeling of classic uplifting themes. If you are person who likes classic arrangements, this tune is for you!

Spark 7 - Distanceless (Jerom's Visions Remix)
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