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CP011 : Corsar - Hidden Sunrise [Capite Music]

Capite Music

Jun 13, 2010
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Release Date: 13th August 2010

Exclusive beatport: 30th July 2010


1. Corsar - Hidden Sunrise (Original Mix)
2. Corsar - Hidden Sunrise (G.S.R. Club Dub Mix)


Capite music is proud to present another outstanding release dedicated to all the fans of agressive beats!
Debut from Lithuanian artist "Corsar" was done very well. Hidden Sunrise grabs your soul into world of progression. Slow, wavy pads gives you a vivid feeling on what is to come in breakdown. Vocal stabs mixed up with uplifting synths make an unusual compilation which you can't miss out! One drawback is lack of power in the main part.

Corsar - Hidden Sunrise (Original Mix)

Is it strong continuation of Capite Music's line of progressive releases? Definetely it is!

G.S.R. remix is not giving an inch too. This version has more to trance, reminding great tunes made by Ronski Speed for example. Bassline got's its drive, and all the groove seems to be massive. The buildup is energetic, and the breakdown does not slow it down! Piano parts are gaining the colourful-ness of the track, which makes a "hands up" moment when the main part kicks off!

Corsar - Hidden Sunrise (G.S.R. Club Dub Mix)

All in all - another massive release by Capite Music! If you like progressive climax with a bit of uplifting taste - this is a must!
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