CP017: Sampler 001 OUT NOW [Capite Music]

Capite Music

Jun 13, 2010
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Ladies and Gentlemans, please welcome - first sampler by Capite music. Tech, Uplifting and progressive to be found on that compilation. Fasten your seatbelts?


Release Date: 18th March 11'
Exclusive Beatport: 4th March 11'

First track on this sampler shows with a remix. Ernest Miller and his 'Nightfall'with a remix from Hivanova stands out for a good position on the sampler. Original mix is a typical uplifting track with nice melodies that makes your thoughts turn into pure trance definition. This version is nice, light and easygoing. The remix is a 200%proggy style itself. Bassline is massive and fits perfectly into well-produced percussion. Hivanova Remix is a version to chillout!

1. Ernest Miller - Nightfall (Original Mix)

2. Ernest Miller - Nightfall (Hivanova Remix)
YouTube - SAMPLER 001: Ernest Miller - Nightfall (Hivanova Remix)

Third one comes from growing polish producer - Seven Baltic and his friend Jetstream. This is groovy production with a lot of banging beats inside! Breakdown reminds latest releases of Dave202 with slightly composed guitar and pads. You will be a fan of this if you want to fly away in the main part! Great taste of euphoric trance!

3. 7 Baltic - Baltic Sound (Original Mix)

Finally, here we go with a track from uplifting killer from last year - Proyal. After a period of great remixes made for numerous artists like: Oen Bearen & TrancEye (Phantasmagoria) which was well supported, time comes for artistic production. Quantum has an epic breakdown with some piano touches that makes it more orchestral indeed! This mix is a Full ON trance!

4. Proyal - Quantum (Original Mix)
YouTube - SAMPLER 001: Proyal - Quantum (Original Mix)

We hope you will enjoy this sampler!
Proyal - Quantum has a nice melody :music: