Crazy Uplifting Trance Beats 014 (March 2011)


Sep 28, 2008
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Hiya Listeners, :)

*** Crazy Uplifting Trance Beats 014 (March 2011) ***

Please feel free to download my mix of uplifting and progressive trance tunes for March 2011.

I had great fun putting this one together, like the proggy deep dark basslines on the first few, moving into the uplifting melodic ones as it moves on, increasing in tempo to get the hearbeat racing out of control! :music:

Volume to the max, hope you enjoy. :dance3::banana::bounce::clap:

Comments always welcome.

Download link:
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DJ Crazy Paul :megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy:
Not normally up for this kind of soundtrack type of set. But today, this morning, was writing a story and somehow the music seemed to evoke the perfect atmosphere for it. So well done, mate:):friends:
Just listened for a 4th time of the month already:music:, really enjoyed this set with some classics (not really only a couple years old) which brought back some good memories man:super:. Absolutely loved the deep sounds at the start, thank u for a super massive set man:dance::clap::super: