CUE Player for iPhone


Dec 29, 2010
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For all After Hours fans

I develop music player for iPhone that support CUE files

If you ever listen to Livesets or podcasts you better know that
You want to ability to control the music like a regular playlist.

With CUE Music Player Pro come the ability to:

01. Split long music into separate tracks and save them as a CUE file that act as a playlist.
02. Connect new CUE file.
03. Disconnect exist CUE file.
04. Select music from Albums,Artists,Podcasts,Songs and unique to CUE Player "Recents play".
05. "Recents play" - Every music file that you listen to is saved for later use.
06. Change player skin.
07. See the exact song title name - no more "...". (support also Hebrew and Arabic check in settings menu)
08. Share the song title name over Facebook(c) , Twitter(c) and E-mail.
09. Control music when screen is locked or in background mode. (not using iPod player!!)
10. Repeat playlist or repeat one song.
11. Shuffle playlist. (minimum 3 songs in playlist)
12. Control volume level.
13. Seek forward/backward with speed of x2,x4,x6,x8.
14. Customize the playlist with tracks from list that i want to listen to.

Goto App Store to check it:
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