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Feb 24, 2007
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I wonder, if it would be possible for DJs to create a cuesheet and upload it in future.

For those who don't know: a cuesheet is a file, which includes information about a long mp3-file (it's like a tracklist with the beginning time of each track) with lot's of tracks in it. So if you record a set, you can download this cue-sheet and slice your mp3 into seperate files with freeware programs (eg. to burn it easily).

for further information about cuesheets: Cue sheet (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You'll find freeware for creating and parsing cue sheets easily, so i think it wouldn't be very time-consuming for DJs to create a cue. (even if there's no software around: There's an API-Library for C#, so i think it wouldn't take that much time, to code one just for AH.FM :D)

I know it would be possible to create a cue for your own, but it's annoying to seek the position of a trackchange, especially if you don't know the track. I think the DJs would know these positions best.

So what do you think?

p.s.: I thought about legality, and I think it would be no problem. It's like a enhanced tracklist, nothing more...
There are tools that cut MP3s automatically in several 5-Minute parts.
Maybe it helps if you just want to skip around a set or something like that :)
my wish is for a tracklist for each set, if you have it you can easily make your own, i do, just listen to the set and make a note of the transition times :mml:
I know of a CUE creator. Not automatic but it works a treat
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