D@NEE Presents Diving In The Blue 143 on AH.FM 19-02-2019

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01.Protoculture - Break Out (Shadow Chronicles Remix)
[Dacru Records]
02.James Dymond - Goldeneye (Extended Mix)
[FSOE Recordings]
03.Greg Downey & Alex Di Stefano - Among Us (Extended Mix)
04.Everlight - Voyager (Extended Mix)
[Mental Asylum White]
05.Axel Walters - Manhattan (Extended Mix)
[Suanda Dark]
06.Tempo Giusto - Voodoo (Extended Mix)
[Grotesque Fusion]
07.Major League - Wonder (Jordan Suckley Extended Remix)
[Grotesque Reworked]
08.Tasso - If You Want (Extended Mix)
[FSOE Clandestine]
09.Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (2nd Phase Extended Remix)
[Grotesque Fusion]
10.Simon Patterson & Sam Jones - Rotavator (Sam Jones Extended Remix)
11.Hennes & Cold - The Second Trip (David Forbes Extended Remix)
[Grotesque Reworked]
12.Renegade System - Live Without You (Original Mix)
[Hard Trance Revolution]

The tracklist will be posted during the set. Comments are always welcome.
I hope you will enjoy the show. And don't forget to vote :wink:
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:wave: Listening :cap:

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Hello danmark_ori & Patrik Endler!

Nice to see you again! :music: :friends:
Thats the last track in this episode. Thank you for listening!
See you next time! (19th of March)
:replay: thanks for your set D@NEE ! :cap: :beer2: :thankyou:

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