Dakova Dae - The Lunar Effect December on AH.FM 17-12-2013

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Jul 27, 2007
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Dakova DAE
Dakova DAE
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Real Name: Dani Valkova

Genres: Minimal Trance / Tech / Progressive Psy
Profile: DJ and Producer: Double bachelors degree, SAE graduate in Music Production and one of the first females to play Godskitchen Australia …

Home Town: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Current Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Tracklist: pending


Dakova Dae - The Lunar Effect December on AH.FM 17-12-2013.mp3

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Hi guys! Dakova Dae here... hope you enjoy the show this month :)
wow what a tune :mml: tuned in for replay :wave::dance::rave:
The date on the stream tag seems to be incorrect. Anyway choon :mml:
Enjoying a ridiculously warm evening here in Australia!!! Almost 30 degrees here.. how are you? :)

30 degrees? wow, Im jealous now.. here its about 3 degrees :) but enjoying a beautiful sunny day :smile:
Yea exactly.. sun in the winter.. here :dancing::dancing::dancing:
Haha!! Fitting tune ;)

WOW 3 degrees??? That's unheard of in Australia!!!
actually its around 0 here so very warm for this time of the year :)
Thanks so much for tuning in this month guys!!! Hope you enjoyed the show :)

If you would like to stay in touch come say hi on Facebook - www.facebook.com/dakovadae

See you same time next month :)

- Dakova Dae xo