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Dani Vicio Presents: Vicio's World EP 77


Apr 28, 2007
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I have been a little absent for a while due to a plethora of personal reasons but I'm back. Hope you enjoy it!


:super: Tracklist :super:

1) Vintage & Morelli - Desire (Blugazer Remix)
2) Mhammed El Alami - Dawn (Original Mix)
3) Josh Bailey feat. Jennifer K. - Feel (Sunlight Project Remix)
4) Luis de Poda feat Poluna - Enjoy The Moment (Original Mix)
5) Gareth Emery feat Wayward Daughter - Reckless(Gareth Emery and Luke Bond Extended Remix)
6) Ayk feat Magdalen Silvestra - Winter is Here (Original Mix)
7) Beat Service & Ana Criado - An Autumn Tale (Kaimo K Remix)
8) Matt Bukovski and Katty Heath - Hold Back The Storm (Original Mix)
9) Stephane Badey - Offshore
10) Dayans feat Jag Bentley - Cross That Line (Trance Mix)
11) Liam Wilson and Cthy Burton - Let Healing Begin (Original Mix)
12) 9eek - Are You Here (Franco Landriel Remix)
13) Snatt and Vix - Revive (Airborn Remix)
14) Trance Angel - Ski Jumping (Original Mix)
15) Jeitam Osheen & Abdelrahman Nabil feat Allam - Shores of Valhalla (Original Mix)
16) Ferrin and Morris feat Hysteria - Changes (Cold Rush Remix)
17) Digital Dreamerz feat Amy Kirkpatrick - A Reason To Stay (Original Mix)
18) Matt Chowski and Suzy Solar Pres. Xenera - Destination For Exploration (Extended Mix)
19) The Cracken - Vesuvius (Extended Mix)
20) Unbeat - Shutdown (Original Mix)

For previous podast episodes, visit: http://www.mixcloud.com/viciosworld