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[Datacode] FOCUS: Techno Percussion (Sample Pack)


Feb 3, 2014
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"FOCUS: Techno Percussion" includes the best new percussion samples with 100 edgy Distorted, Lo-Fi and Impact Perc Hits and 75 Percussive and Glitch Perc Loops! Designed with a focus on the latest Techno trends in percussion hits and loops.

Pack Details:

• 75 Total Percussion Loops
• 25 Percussion Loops
• 25 Glitch Perc Loops
• 25 Bonus Percussion Loops
• 100 Total Percussion Hits
• 60 Percussion Hits
• 15 Distorted Perc Hits
• 15 Lo-Fi Perc Hits
• 10 Impact Perc Hits
• All loops are 125 BPM
• WAV: 156 MB – 175 x WAV 44.1 khz 24 Bit

Please note: This pack contains Percussion Hits and Loops.

Drums, synths, bass and fx used in demo are not included and taken from our other sample packs.

Buy at Beatport: http://sounds.beatport.com/pack/focus-techno-percussion/13627

Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dataworxdigital/sets/focus-techno-percussion-sample-pack-datacode

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