David Folkebrant - Rising EP [Macarize / MRIZE003]


Jun 18, 2009
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Label: Macarize
Artist: David Folkebrant
Cat #: MRIZE003
Genre: Progressive House
Release date: April 11th, 2011

01. Back To Square One (Original Mix)
02. Walking Around In Wet Shoes (Original Mix)
03. The Time Between (Original Mix)


The guys on Macarize all have something in common. Aside from having an ear for melody—that’s a given— they all have the itch to try something new and effortlessly making it their own! For the third strike of the label, it is Sweden’s David Folkebrant who steps-up with his dazzling three-track EP entitled, “Rising”. For this release, prepare yourselves for something different.

As the title of the first track gives it away, “Back to Square One” is a craft that incorporates eight-bit samples with David’s magnificent high-flying sound! You really would not want to miss out on its fantastic breakdown where the eight-bit samples slowly transform into one majestic feat!

“The Time Between” lowers down the adrenaline and brings in a couple of steady, melodic, and emotive vibes. Just pop this track in for an instant melodic-progressive fix!

Third and last track for this release is “Walking Around in Wet Shoes”. David Folkebrant shows the heavier side of his productions as he churns out massive bass, colossal synth-progressions, and a sky-rocketing breakdown!

With this “Rising” EP, it is without a doubt that David Folkebrant will be one of the many artists onboard that will take Macarize to newer heights!

Written by Miguel Hizon Libre ( Soundscapes by Motionmigs )