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Dawn of Trance by Charlie


Aug 21, 2007
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DJ Name: Charlie (still thinking a good one)
How long you have been a DJ: I bought my cdjs in September, but I started in December more or less.
Style of music played:Uplifting
Bio: I'm from Spain. I've listening electronic music since 1999, when I discovered hardcore and makina sound. Almost at the same time, I began listening to hardhouse and hardance, and a little bit of trance (it was very hard for me to listen to trance in Spain). 1 year and a half ago, I discovered AH.FM, and I fell in love with trance.
I wanna thank Angel Ace for the early support, Jellyfish for introducing me in this world, and especially DFX (thanks a lot for all those long msn conversations and all those good advises you still give to me :friends:)

01. Imperfection - Chemtrails (Original Mix) [Expensive]
02. Oceania - Always (Original Mix) [Vandit Digital]
03. Ehren Stowers - Both Worlds (Original Mix) [Perceptive Recordings]
04. ATA - Ocean Breeze (Suncatcher's WaveMotion Remix) [Branded Digital]
05. Robert Nickson & Daniel Kandi - Liberate (Original Mix) [ASOT Armada]
06. Manuel Le Saux - Waterfall (Original Mix) [Flux Delux Limited]
07. Ehren Stowers - Hidden Depths (Original Mix) [DJSA Records]
08. Dallaz Project - In Motion (Manuel Le Saux Remix) [Neuroscience Recordings]
09. Fast Distance - Super G (Ron Malakai Remix) [Inov8]
10. Dereck Recay - Dream Way (Original Mix) [Redux]

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Hope you enjoy :music:
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great set with awesome choon selection, nicely building up towards the end :mml:

also great mixing for the short time you've been doing it, way to go :)
Great tunes , smooth transitions, making an all round jumpin' set. Good work mate.
Thank you for the feedback!!