Deadwease1 - Faxing Haiti (Original Mix)


May 12, 2006
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Deadwease1 - Faxing Haiti (Original Mix)

8bit mouse sounding track i made.

made the mouse bass in albino, made the mouse lead in v-station, voices are hati news talking about child prostitution, animal sounds are mouses, chords my own idea...

zSHARE - deadwease1 - faxing haiti .mp3

enjoy! :lolz:
lol this has got to be worth a laugh.....downloading hehe

Edit....this would probably get signed if u finished it :mask:
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:unsure: this is actually a lot better than deadrat7 :mask:
lol, its the story behind the samples aswell thats quite disturbing, send to schossw, see what he thinks, might get played:mask:
just shows how little innovation mr rat puts into his productions :p
lol i think he still innovates a lot, not a single of his productions sounds like faxing berlin or any other track .. just because he goes 8bit doesn't mean all tracks are the same.. even alex morph went 8.. and it still doesn't sound like deadmau5