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Debo - Digital Trancefusion 013 (February 2011)


Feb 8, 2009
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Hey all. Another month, another Trancefusion! New tracks from Daniel Kandi, Stonevalley, Soundlift, Manuel LeSaux, Necomer Willem De Roo, and many more. My latest track, which you heard last month, now has a name =D.

Debo - Digital Trancefusion 013
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1. Aakash Apoorv - Dream Of Love (Akku Remix)
2. Debo - Sever (Original Mix)
3. Ilya Soloviev - Mercury
4. Willem De Roo - Stars Over Paris (Jupiter 5 Remix)
5. Dave Nadz & LeBlanc - Distraction (Original Mix)
6. August Vila - Midnight (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
7. Running Man Pres Fifth Dimension - Heaven (Original Mix)
8. SoundLift - Long Way Back (Six Senses Remix)
9. Daniel Kandi - Promised (Emotional Mix)
10. Stonevalley - Alcatraz (Original Mix)
11. Willem De Roo - Zero Hour (Original Mix)

ENJOY!! :megacrazy:
Hi Debo, may I redistribute some of your sets on my promodj webpage, giving you the credit ofcourse?