Decibel Pilot - In Control (Episode 10)


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Jan 9, 2017
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Happy first of May. This means it's podcast day! So here it is my latest In Control Podcast with me Decibel Pilot. Please hit the like button on Facebook and also follow me on Soundcloud.…/decibel-pilot-in-control-podcast-e…

1. Avicii & Sebastien Drums - My Feelings For You (Original Mix) [Superstar Recordings]
2. Memory Loss - Endless Dreams (Sam Laxton Remix) [AVA White]
3. Alessandra Roncone - Serenity (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
4. Nitrous Oxide / N2O & Sarah Lynn - Clear As The Sky (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
5. Jam da Bass & DJ T.H. - Get Ready & Dance (Miss Cortex -TranceArtist Remix) [Entrancing Music]
6. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Thea Riley - On The Way You Go (OnAir Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
7. UDM - Polaris (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
8. Derek Ryan feat. Melissa R. Kaplan - Ripples (Rene Ablaze Remix) [Redux Recordings]
9. FloE & J.Puchler feat. Robin Vane - Alive (Steve Allen Remix) [Entrancing Music Relentless]
10. Tom Exo - Close To The Sky (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
11. Steve Allen - Isolation (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
12. Tom Exo - Hyperspace (Extended Mix) [Suanda True]