Deep Impact - The Only One

I don't know much about producing industry-level trance, but I would love to hear a little variation in chords.

All I mean by that is by occasionally using a 'D' chord after the 'A', 'E' and 'G' chords in your A-E-G-A four-chord phrase. Not necessarily on every fourth chord, but at the point of direction change in the track (A-E-G-A,A-E-G-D,A-E-G-A,A-E-G-D/F#, for instance.).

If you can do that, the track may well write more chords by itself.

What you've done though is very slick and fun to listen to, and what I've said is purely from the viewpoint of a listener, not a producer.
Cheers for the comments :) I do usually do more variation than just a 4 chord loop. Usually I'll either go for an 8 bar sequence and a change on bar 16, or at least in a 4 chord loop I'll usually do a note change at bar 8 and 16. But I went a little more minimal with this track. Although I have still ventured off the 4 notes with the leads etc in this track else it would be a little on the boring side lol

Meanwhile, I have now also uploaded it to youtube here: