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Digital Talk – Audio Extremists (Hadra 2010) - OUT NOW!

Electro Public

Aug 5, 2010
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Digital Talk – Audio Extremists (Hadra 2010) - OUT NOW!

Artist: Digital Talk
Title: Audio Extremists
Label: Hadra Records

Info & Order:
HADRA Website


1. No Limit
2. Binding Hours
3. Audio Extremists
4. The Ultimate (live version)
5. Distorded Reality
6. Mental Universe (vs Mad Maxx)
7. Evading in
8. Meltdown
9. Exit


Digital Talk – Audio Extremists (Hadra 2010)


Hadra Records are proud to present the second Album from Digital Talk - Audio Extremists

Digital Talk are Frenchmen Julien Fougea & Luc Achintre. With over 10 years of production and performing experience behind them, this highly talented and innovative duo are considered by their peers and psytrance music enthusiasts alike to be some of the pioneering engineers of the dark and twisted psychedelic sound.
Their highly anticipated second album ‘Audio Extremists’ comes 6 years after their first groundbreaking and genre-smashing debut album ‘New Age Surf’ was unleashed on dancefloors worldwide.
Sourcing inspiration from different energies and music they experienced while performing around the world, ‘Audio Extremists’ is the result of a long period of gathering fresh approaches to sound. These 2 masters of the art have connected these new influences and experiences with their intrinsic knowledge of studio technology, cutting-edge production techniques, and the fusion of their talent with other highly respected musicians - to create a distinctive psychedelic dance music which cements their place at the forefront of the global psytrance movement.
‘Audio Extremists’ presents 9 exceptionally produced tracks from the Digital Talk studio featuring a collaboration with Mad Maxx aka Sirius Isness and a live version of their successful hit ‘The Ultimate’ previously released on 3D Vision Records – all dance floor tested and guaranteed to take any party or festival to the next level!

Info & Order:
HADRA Website

Sound Enhanced Page:
LISTEN TO : Audio Extremists BY : Digital Talk

Digital Talk @ MySpace:

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Welcome to the official DIGITAL TALK's Website

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HADRA Website

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