Digitized Recordings - The Future Producers E.P. out on Monday 10th March

Cliffy Burrows

May 26, 2006
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Digitized Recordings has it's long awaited 2nd release on Monday 10th March 2008. The release is The Future Producers E.P. which contains the tracks Memoir - What Could Have Been and Pulsar - Silhouette. These tracks were part of a competition held on the Matt Hardwick Forum by Aled Mann. As well as Aled judging the panel also included Activa. Memoir's track won and Pulsar came in a close 2nd. Hope you enjoy the release and it will be available from online stores such as CDJ Shop, Audiojelly, Beatport, DJ Download and Beats Digital. A full list with links will added on the day. See you again for the 3rd release Evasive - Pacific Angel which includes a remix from Mandy Reid. Thanks for your support.


Memoir - What Could Have Been

This has already done the rounds on the radio circuit, with excellent response! It begins with a tight bass accompanied by the soft, enchanting sounds of a distant piano. The piano line is put to exquisite use in the breakdown, with slow rising arpeggios creating a magical mood. The tune grows majestically into a fully uplifting, pumping piece of trance!

Pulsar - Silhouette

Upbeat and Summery is the mood for this trancer. The track begins with a beautiful, soft introduction that sets the mood for the tune. An animated bass gets the energy going and an upbeat melody has the tune blossoming in full. The breakdown is exceptional, using soft vocals and a swirling treble line that builds anticipation before the tune whips up in to a full-on trancer!

Both tracks have been supported by Lee Hemstock, Suzy Solar, Digital Nature, Charlie G, Conor Atikins, Cliffy Burrows, Lazarus plus many more.